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Reintegrate: Enhancing Collaborations in the Arts + Sciences

By Amanda May At first look, the worlds of art and science can appear fundamentally different, while, in reality, they share languages and processes. During the Renaissance, geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci were both artists and scientists. Over history, paths diverged and the fields became compartmentalized and culturally segregated. With a special state grant, the […]

Singing the praises

Festival director touts music programming as “serious fun” By Hank Hoffman Smart can be fun. That’s a point Mary Lou Aleskie, executive director of the International Festival of Arts & Ideas, keeps returning to as she describes this year’s music schedule in an interview in her office. Intellectual challenge? Check. Cross-cultural uplift? Of course. But […]

Portrait of a program

A conversation with the International Festival of Arts & Ideas’ Cathy Edwards By David A. Brensilver Cathy Edwards, director of programming at the International Festival of Arts & Ideas, spoke recently with the editor of The Arts Paper about this year’s lineup. Q: The themes of the 2009, 2010, and 2011 festivals were, respectively, “Global […]