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Artists Next Door: Say cheese

By Hank Hoffmann Photos by Harold Shapiro Grilled cheese sandwich. Mac and cheese. Not what you would call haute cuisine? Au contraire, mon ami. Of course, Jason Sobocinski, owner of the New Haven fromagerie and bistro Caseus, wouldn’t put it that way. Sobocinski’s approach to the art of food seems a genuine blend of sophistication […]

Great adaptations

Veganism does not mean voluntary deprivation By David A. Brensilver As a vegan, dining out can be an exercise in adaptability. While many restaurants offer at least one meat- and dairy-free menu item, or are happy to modify a recipe upon request, some must figure that any vegan who comes through the door is eating […]

Serving sustainability

At Miya’s, sushi from the source By Courtney McCarroll Minutes before we head off to the Thimble Islands to fish together, out from behind the sushi bar, Miya’s Sushi head chef and owner, Bun Lai, reaches over and hands me a single green leaf. “My friend, Kit, just picked it from over in East Haven, […]

Art for the five senses

By Beatrice Alexander As a 17-year-old girl, most people look shocked when I tell them about my catering business. I started Bea’s Pantry for fun when I was 14, and the more I got into it, the more seriously I took it. The question I get from most people is, “Why do you cook?” I […]

In the Community : Scavenging for food

By OluShola A. Cole My heart begins to race, and my mouth begins to water, just recalling it. The last day of my leadership training for Courageous Community had my team practically running, panting, and sometimes literally walking with our heads down and noses to the ground. All for a scavenger hunt in New Haven’s […]

Documentary explores ‘how we tell stories’

By David A. Brensilver Eric Becker, who earned a master’s degree in 2006 from the Yale School of Public Health, recently released a “video I want everyone in the world to see”— not because he filmed it, but because of what he filmed. Becker’s latest film, Honor the Treaties, is a 14-minute documentary about Seattle-based […]

Season preview

By David A. Brensilver Asking the leadership of an arts organization to identify a few “highlights” from a season’s worth of programming is a bit like asking the father of identical twins which he prefers. This is the problem with offering readers any kind of region-wide season “preview” or “overview.” And that’s exactly what I’m […]

Come party at Somewhat Off the Wall and take home a piece of original art

Somewhat Off the Wall, a unique art exhibition and party from which guests take home original works of art, will be held on Sunday, September 23, 2012, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., at 760 Chapel St., in New Haven – in the spectacular space that is home to the Odonnell Company. This year’s event […]

The Ballet of Service

By Amanda May Smoothing and twisting her hair into a bun, she prepares. Looking into a mirror, she adjusts and primps for the night’s performance. To ready for opening, no detail is too trivial. She makes sure the props are put in place, perfectly aligned. There is much attention to precision, to exactness. After a […]

The Arts Council Sounds Off on… El Bulli: Cooking in Progress

By Amanda May Ever since I visited the restaurant Europea in Montreal and was served a shot glass of green foam that tasted perfectly of Caesar salad, I was hooked on molecular gastronomy. Sometimes referred to as “art food,” molecular gastronomy is fine dining with a twist. Using an ever-growing list of machines and techniques, […]