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Found in Translation

Chekhov’s Three Sisters gets a new reading for Yale Rep production Lucile Bruce In 1899, Anton Chekhov – Russian playwright, fiction writer, and physician – wrote in a letter to a theater colleague, “I am not writing a play. I have a subject: three sisters.” Fortunately, subjects evolve. Chekhov’s “three sisters” – the characters Olga, […]

Rules of Conversion explores language at Haskins Laboratories

David A. Brensilver Last fall, the Arts Council of Greater New Haven presented an exhibition called Mind Sets, in which artists collaborated with scientists from Haskins Laboratories, a nonprofit research facility dedicated to the study of reading and speech. Philip Rubin, senior scientist and CEO at Haskins Laboratories, recently said the fascinating thing about the […]

Creative Arts Workshop showcases works by artists with disabilities

David A. Brensilver Over the past two years, Vito Bonanno’s work has been introduced to audiences around the country, first at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., and then at galleries in Idaho, Texas, New York, and North Dakota. This month, Bonanno’s painting Ghost Town on Davenport Avenue returns to the site of its 2007 […]

Cross-Platform Storytelling

Stephen Dest directs his attention to film for My Brother Jack Hank Hoffman Sometime this fall, Stephen Dest will begin filming his life story. Sort of. Actually, Dest’s My Brother Jack, a feature film to be shot in New Haven, shares just one crucial detail with Dest’s own biography: The lead character’s father dies on […]