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Vegan Fashion House Vaute Couture Shows There is ‘No Excuse Left to Wear Animals’

David Brensilver The following is from an interview David Brensilver conducted with Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, whose all-vegan Brooklyn, New York-based company Vaute Couture recently enjoyed a high-profile solo show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Originally published on Brensilver’s animal-rights blog The Daily Maul, these interview excerpts are reprinted here with permission. DB: Your primary motivation for […]

Elm City Fashion

Photos and text © Gale Zucker Julia Bogardus, co-owner of Knit New Haven yarn store Q: What is your fashion philosophy? A: Make it pop. Q: How did you decide what to wear today? A: See fashion philosophy, above. _ _ Ravon Robinson Q: What is your fashion philosophy? A: I like to be color […]

Fashion designer Neville Wisdom’s move downtown pays off

New ad-dress for success Story Hank Hoffman Photos by Harold Shapiro “I love looking good. I always did,” says designer Neville Wisdom, chuckling, when asked how he became interested in fashion. Interviewed in his eponymous Orange Street boutique and design studio, Wisdom is suave in a bulky maroon sweater over a white shirt and skinny […]

The Best of… Fashion Films

AC Staff The September Issue This 2009 documentary film by R.J. Cutler chronicles the production of Vogue magazine’s September 2007 issue and captures the uneasy relationship between editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and the magazine’s creative director, Grace Coddington. _ _ _ Valentino: The Last Emperor Matt Tyrnauer’s 2008 documentary film about Valentino Garavani provides insight into […]

The Arts Council Sounds Off on… Bill Cunningham New York

Amanda May If you don’t know who Bill Cunningham is, you’re in for a treat. This whole issue deals with fashion, and nobody knows it better than him. In the 2010 Zeitgeist Films documentary Bill Cunningham New York by Richard Press, we are lucky enough to follow him around in his busy daily life. An […]

A story’s threads

The role of costume design David Brensilver The folks who dress actors for stage, television, and film roles are responsible for more than a production’s aesthetic. “We facilitate the storytelling,” Cathy Mason, a costume design assistant at Long Wharf Theatre said during a conversation about the company’s recent production of William Mastrosimone’s Ride the Tiger, […]

With hearts and minds on their sleeves

Local designers bolster city’s creative spirit Courtney McCarroll When I graduated college back in 2007, I wanted to work in fashion. You know, fashion. “A passion for fashion,” lights, glamour, action … champagne wishes and caviar dreams or whatever. That kind of stuff. Which, come to think of it, is really weird. For me, anyway. […]

May 2013 Letter from the editor

This edition of The Arts Paper explores the fashion scene here in New Haven and beyond. Hank Hoffman’s Artists Next Door feature, which is complemented by Harold Shapiro’s photographs, introduces us to Neville Wisdom, who began designing and creating clothes in his native Jamaica in the 1990s. Hank quotes Wisdom as saying, “My parents weren’t […]

May 2013: The Fashion Issue

Download a PDF of the May 2013 “Fashion” issue of The Arts Paper here: May2013 final