Best of… The Flying Dog Brewery’s beer-bottle labels

For beer enthusiasts, October is a month for Untitled
celebration. In recognition of countless “Oktoberfest”
events taking place around the
globe, I’d like to acknowledge the Flying Dog
Brewery, which grew out of a brewpub in
Aspen, Colo., founded by George Stranahan
— the longtime Woody Creek, Colo., friend
and neighbor of legendary writer Hunter S. Thompson.
The labels that the Flying Dog Brewery
puts on its beer bottles feature original
artwork by Ralph Steadman, Thompson’s
frequent artistic collaborator whose illustrations
grace the pages of Thompson’s
iconic novel Fear and Loathing in Las
Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart
of the American Dream, which first appeared
in Rolling Stone magazine, in
1971, before being published in book
form the following year by Random

Among the beers produced by
Flying Dog Brewery is its Gonzo
Imperial Porter, which “was
brewed in honor of Dr. Hunter
S. Thompson,” the brewery’s
website explains. That beer’s
label boasts one of the immediately
recognizable illustrations
of Thompson that
Steadman contributed to the
author’s best-known work.

The brewery’s use of Steadman’s
inimitable work, for that
label and others, is a wonderful
way of reminding us of one
of the most important artistic
collaborations of our time.

Learn more about Ralph

Steadman at and visit for more information
about the Flying Dog Brewery. 


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