Letter from the Editor

As the September 2012 issue of The Arts Paper focused on New Haven’s culinary offerings and the November 2012 edition celebrated the city’s architecture, this edition explores New Haven’s dance scene. While they might seem rather tidy, “themed” issues are, to some degree, troublesome publications in that what they exclude is as apparent as the information they so subjectively include. What such a discipline-specific focus does offer is a sense of what Greater New Haven has to offer in that area, beyond the obvious.

As it has in past years, this issue of The Arts Paper provides an overview of Wesleyan University’s DanceMasters Weekend. Here again, we’ve made no attempt at comprehensiveness. What we have done (we hope) is given you some extra incentive to attend this substantial event.

Hank Hoffman’s “Artists Next Door” profile this month introduces readers to Sydney Skybetter, a choreographer who “contends that New Haven could be a burgeoning dance hub in its own right,” as Hank tells us in his article, and whose recent relocation to New Haven carries the promise to make that happen.

In her dance-focused story, Arts Council communications manager Amanda May writes about James Atkinson’s desire to “make everyone a fan of ballet,” which is essentially the mission of his New Haven- and New York-based Classical Contemporary Ballet Theatre. Amanda also lets us know in this edition of The Arts Paper about Pilobolus’ local education initiatives.

In our monthly “The Arts Council sounds off …” feature, Julie Trachtenberg, the organization’s development and marketing director, talks about the experience she had at a dance event in the Yale University Art Gallery’s lobby. And with our new, “Best Of” feature, we showcase five dance-related films worth watching.

In addition to these stories and others, we offer you this month a more responsible publication, in physical terms. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we’re now printing The Arts Paper on more environmentally friendly paper and using soy inks. We hope you’ll do your part (in part) by recycling this publication once you’ve finished reading it. Another edition of The Arts Paper will arrive soon thereafter. With the April 2013 issue of The Arts Paper, we’ll begin to examine the intersection of art and science, where it exists here in New Haven. And with future editions of the publication, we plan to explore other interest areas and the individuals working therein, while covering the city’s arts scene and artists as enthusiastically and comprehensively as we’re able.


David Brensilver

Editor, The Arts Paper


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