Reintegrate: Enhancing Collaborations in the Arts & Sciences

Reintegrate is an Arts Council of Greater New Haven project that celebrates and showcases the region’s creativity in both the arts and sciences by facilitating collaboration between artists and scientists, showcasing innovative projects, and inviting the public to share the arts/science connection through events and resources. In September 2012, we requested proposals and received applications from 42 artist/scientist teams seeking funding to pursue collaborative projects.

The Arts Council of Greater New Haven is proud to announce the Reintegrate teams of artists and scientists. Each of these seven teams was chosen to receive a $10,000 grant to fund collaborative projects through June 2013. Teams were selected by an independent panel of artists and scientists.

For more detailed descriptions of the projects, please visit – Teams. For questions about The Arts Council or Reintegrate call 203-772-2788. Also visit our website for information about the symposium “Innovations: Intersection of Art & Science” at Wesleyan University on February 28 and March 1, 2013.

Reintegrate has been made possible with support from the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development, Office of the Arts.


Williams + Williams:
Place as Character

This team will bring together the worlds of geography and literature in creating an expandable database of places from scenes in literature. The data will then be analyzed to discover how authors create a “sense of place.”

Banach + Bliss:
Cross-Discipline Learning Kits

This project will mix applied mathematics, education, and design to create educational tools that will be made available to the public at the project’s completion.

Demers + Coates + Calvo:
Discovering the Higgs

Particle physics meets dance meets photography in this project that will translate the details of the Higgs boson discovery in a non-verbal way, specifically in photographs of dance. In doing this, the project team hopes also to give back to the science new ways of conceiving the momentous discovery.

Slomba + Heidkamp:
Sculpting the Census

This project will integrate geographic information science, sculpture, and social engagement. They will be taking local census data and then make sculptures to visualize the information in a new, engaging way.

Liu + Smith + Skrtic + Gusberg + Haines + Yuh:
Conversations on Body and Faith

The science of medicine mixes with the arts of glass-making and photography for this project, which aims to teach the public, through a series of installations, about the human body and have them question the fragility of it, their faith in it, and the implications of disease.

Singleton + Jackson:
Living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

This artist/scientist collaboration will result in a Collective Consciousness Theatre Inc. theater-based multimedia performance on the subject of PTSD. The project team’s aim is to entertain while remaining informative and drawing from personal accounts, psychiatry, and biology of the brain.

Grabel + Johnson + Willems:
Science Choreography

This dance/cell biology/education team’s goal is to build an interactive, multimedia performance piece that explores stem cells and the ethical implications of stem-cell research.


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