AC Sound Off On… Clams Casino

Reviewed by Ben Redmond

The New Jersey-based Clams Casino is one of the most notable producers in the hip-hop scene today, rising from the underground to the “new school” of hip-hop. I downloaded his most recent five-track EP of instrumentals, Rainforest, and was instantly blown away.

“Clammyclams” (his Twitter handle) is making sounds unlike most music out there, especially in hip-hop. The drums are thick. The bass is heavy, full bodied. The whole atmosphere of the EP is built of expertly altered samples and synths that whoosh around mystically. The combination is genuinely an emotional experience – something in Clams Casino’s music hits differently than a beat by world-renowned producers like DJ Khaled or Lex Luger. It’s hard to fully describe Clams Casino’s sound, although he’s already collaborated with a number of well-known musicians.

Even if you’re not a hip-hop head, I highly recommend giving Rainforest a few listens.


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