Welcome to the Arts Council

The Arts Council proudly welcomes new members Mark Andrews, Susan Capezzone, Claudia Chrisoulis Mathison, Michele Correia, Susan Cutler Tremaine, Cynthia Eggers, Roberta Friedman, Ms. Priscilla P. Gaines, Patricia Garson, Mary Larew, Qian Lin, Carol Mazzotta, Roger McMorrin, Leonard Moskowitz, Jordan Nodelman, Michael Quirk, Carol L. Sirot, Lisa Spetrini, Alice N. Stitelman, Don Wunderlee, Art of Collaborative Giving, Beers, Hamerman & Company, P.C., Church of St. Paul & St. James, Connecticut Talent Workshops, Duble & O’Hearn, Inc., New Haven Chamber Orchestra, One of Twenty, and The Dreamland Film & Music Festival.
We thank you for supporting us in our mission to “expand the arts and enrich the region” as we strive to build a vibrant artistic and cultural community that is representative of all disciplines, fiscally strong, supportive of artists and organizations, rich in ethnic and socioeconomic diversity, and accessible to all audiences.



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